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Bible Study
Bible Gateway - Online resource with many Bible translations.
Bible Hub - Website with Biblical Hebrew/Greek, commentaries, and references.
Catholic Bible Online - Roman Catholic parallel Bible. 

YouVersion Bible - Web app for reading the Bible. 

Daily Prayer
The Convergent Prayer Book - The official Prayer Book of the Convergent Christian Communion. - Traditional prayer offices from several denominations.

Liturgy Archive - Offices and liturgies from several Christian traditions. 
Universalis (Liturgy of the Hours) - Roman Catholic Divine Office. 

Books of Common Prayer from around the world (plus other Anglican/Episcopal liturgies). - Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, a New Monastic prayer book. 

The Daily Office from the Mission of St. Clare - Online Daily Office. 

The Coverdale Psalter - A Psalter commonly used for prayer in Anglican and Orthodox churches. 

A Guide to Singing and Praying the Psalms - A small booklet for resources on praying the Psalms.

Additional Information
Early Jewish Writings - Jewish Biblical, apocryphal, and additional writings. 
Early Christian Writings - New Testament, church fathers, and other early church writings. 
Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Online library of many historic Christian writings. 
Revised Common Lectionary - Scripture readings following the Western Church calendar. 

12 Marks of New Monasticism - Sojourners. 
The Prayer Foundation - A New Monastic community offering many articles on the subject. (The Prayer Foundation's newer website can be found here.)

Northumbria Community - Articles on monasticism and New Monasticism. 

New Monasticism Facebook group.